“A Bahl Beemsh Part 2”


      The first installment of this show took place at the sadly now closed Boontling Gallery a little over two and half years ago and to say it was memorable is something of an understatement. It featured original, compelling and well, great work by John Casey, Jordan Mello, Seth Mulvey, Vincent Perea, Christopher Russell and Orion Shepard. Vincent’s watercolors and John Casey’s oddly comfortingly even reassuringly creepy mixed media sculptures that serve as totemic almost mythological representation of his sometimes troubled psyche stood out as the strongest work for me. Go back and click on “Boontling” to see for yourself or go over to John’s own site Bunnywax. It’s worth the visit for his blog alone, easily one of the best arty blogs in Bay Area along with Fecalface Dot Com. Following this show I soon became friends with John and he eventually came to author some fine guest blogs for The Eastsider at his former home Fecalface.  He is seriously one of the nicest guys in the local art scene and has taught me a whole lot in the last couple of years about blogging, art, and introduced me to my favorite mixed drink, the sidecar.

 The two young owners of Boontling(the shortened form nickname which came to be what pretty much the whole art community would call it) Mike Simpson and Derek Weisberg quickly impressed me with the deep and nuanced breadth of art history between them, their fresh and provocative curatorial vision and well…their friendliness(honestly, too rare of a thing in a art world full of too busy to care gallerists and too cool for you hipsters). The two were also among the first gallerists to show work by such notable local talent as Josh Keyes, Adam 5100, Monica Canilao and John Casey among many others.

 Derek curated this sequel to the original and part two features an impressive roster of artists including Angie Brown, Mike Eli, Percy Feils, Mike Lay, Savanna Snow, Kevin Earl Taylor and others. Here’s his curatorial statement taken off the gallery’s website:

“An array of visual languages such as suggestions of form in broad
shapes and color to delicate, graceful line work are used to portray the
human figure exploring issues of humanity. The paintings and drawings are
executed in a range of methods from realistic depictions of life
through observation to illustrative imaginations of the mind.

Curator Derek Weisberg, one half of the former Boontling Gallery,
brings together fine talent from local bay area artists. Several artists
return to bring back that good old Boontling flavor and a few new faces
join to spice things up.”

Curator Derek Weisberg, has provided a special preview of the show:



Acrylic, graphite, gouach, gold leaf on board. by Mike Eli & Savanna Snow


Angie Brown


Mike Eli


Kevin Earl Taylor

“A Bahl Beemsh Part 2” opens Thursday December 20th, 2007 6:00- 9:00 pm and there will be the requisite refreshments about and good folks in evidence. Be there. I HIGHLY recommend this one having it seen already before yall get to, buuuuut if you happen in the crazy christmas rush, miss it, the show will be open for first Friday Art Murmur,  JANUARY 4th

…ohhhhh…I knew I forgot something, well…almost forgot something…a question: What the heck does “A Bahl Beemsh” mean? Well…Boontling Gallery’s name was taken from Boontling, a folk language – really a sort of pidgin dialect derived from Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, Irish and Pomo Indian language that is, as far I know from my research only spoken in Boonville(home of one of my favorite microbrews). The name was symbolic of the two curator/gallerists’ deep passion for the marginal traditions of folk art as well as street. Also it speaks to their heavy base of art history from which they drew inspiration from. Fashion is fleeting, great art lives on.  Indeed.


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